Educational Visits

We take children on educational visits to help them to gain real-world, hands on experience that cannot be taught in a classroom, opening their minds to different cultures and strengthening their knowledge of the world around them. 

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Year 2 Residential 

This involves an overnight stay for our year 2 children at Edgmond Hall. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to widen their learning experience, develop new skills and try adventurous activities while having fun.

Residential visits also provide a new context for forming relationships so the visit takes place at the beginning of year 2. The residential setting and team-building activities break down barriers, allow children to develop and practice important social skills, and encourage them to work more collaboratively, thus building skills such as teamwork and communication.

Quotes from the children

“I loved sleeping in the same room as all my friends. It was fun!”

“I liked building shelters. We got to use sticks, mud, and leaves.”

“The dinner was really good because we had lots of tasty food.”

“The bunkbeds were fun to sleep on. I’d never slept on a bunk bed before. I went on the top bunk.”

“The blindfold challenge was really funny. Our friend had to tell us which way to go. I ended up in a muddy puddle.”

“I loved the breakfast.”

“My best bit was the goats and chickens.  I fed them both.  I was scared at first because I thought they might bite me, but they didn’t.”

“The night walk was spooky. Scary but funny too. I stayed next to my teacher.”

“We sang really funny songs around the campfire.”