Wrockwardine Wood Infant School and Oakengates Nursery Federation

Breakfast Club


Monday to Friday term-time only. There is no need to reserve a place at breakfast club.


Payment must be made daily or can be paid in advance.

Notice of any increase in fees -1 month

What is included in this price?

A healthy breakfast with a choice of cereal and milk, fruit, toast and topping, fruit juice, fruit, milk or water.

Breakfast will stop being served at 8.20am. After this time the club will provide a play environment only.

Activities include:

  • Reading
  • Board games,
  • Craft activities
  • Physical activity e.g. hopscotch, dance, outside play- weather permitting
  • Quiet space for homework


A completed registration form must be completed prior to the first time a child attends the breakfast club. Parents will be given a breakfast club home school agreement which includes information about charges and child safety.