Wrockwardine Wood Infant School and Oakengates Nursery Federation

Induction and Transition



What happens when my child is ready to start school?

First as a parent you need to apply for a school place through T&W school admissions

Applying for a school place

Please let us know once you have been allocated a school place so we can support you and your child through the transition process. Click here for the Federation's Induction & Transition Policy.

Once we know where your child will be attending Primary school we will invite the Reception Class teacher to visit the nursery setting where your child feels safe and confident. If your child has Special Educational Needs will also arrange meetings with the Special Needs Coordinator from the school to ensure the correct provision is put into place. 

Depending on each school the children may spend a number of sessions with their new teacher in their new classroom and will be joined by parents for part of this time. Usually children will then spend the first week in September as an induction week settling into their new school. At most schools an induction meeting will take place for parents usually led by the Headteacher. In addition a home visit may take place.  During  the summer break children may also receive fruther communication from the teachers to keep in touch before their first day at school in September.

In Reception your child will be working towards the outcomes for the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. When your child has completed their Reception year they will then move to Year 1 and then the following year to Year 2. In this new Key Stage your child will be working towards the End of Key Stage 1 outcomes as part of the National Curriculum.

When your child transfers to Year 2 you must apply for a place in KS2 which may be at our feeder Junior school Wrockwardine Wood C of E Junior School or a local primary school. You will need to use the link above to apply for a place as children are not automatically allocated a place.