How to make a complaint

The majority of issues raised by parents, pupils or the community, are concerns rather than complaints. We are committed to taking concerns seriously, at the earliest stage, in the hope of keeping the number of formal complaints to a minimum and without formal procedures. However, depending on the nature of the complaint it may be appropriate to follow the school’s formal complaints procedure. At the same time it is worth noting that compliments are always welcome and very encouraging to teachers and staff. The school encourages feedback and opinion from parents and pupils. In practice, this dialogue is continuous.

It is natural that parents may, occasionally, be concerned about an aspect of their child’s education or welfare at school. This could include issues concerning the school’s approach to aspects of the curriculum, homework, behaviour or any other issue. The school welcomes enquiries from parents about any matter. Teachers and staff will explain the school practices, policies and how they affect the children. The vast majority of concerns will be handled by the class teacher or key stage leader if it is more appropriate. If in doubt, keep asking until you are completely satisfied as all staff are eager to help.

The usual format for a concern is to speak to the child’s class teacher in the first instance, or to contact the school office to arrange an appointment to discuss your concern with the appropriate member of staff. If a parent feels that they must state their concern formally the school has defined procedures for handling complaints so don’t be embarrassed if you feel an issue warrants more attention.

Malicious complaints may incur appropriate action by the school. Please refer to our policy for Parents Unreasonable, Abusive Complaints or Behaviour.

 The school’s policy will follow the DfE guidelines when handling concerns and complaints

Complaints Procedure for Parents


Complaints need to be considered, and resolved, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our complaints procedure outlines the different stages of the process and what the expectations are at the end of each stage. The length of period of time to respond to and resolve complaints will vary with the gravity and complexity of the complaint and the urgency with which it needs to be settled. The intention is that all complaints should be settled within a period which is considered reasonable by all parties and where appropriate indicative timescales have been identified. Please click here for a full version of the Complaints Policy which includes the form for a formal complaint.


Level of complaint


Stage 1

Formal complaint to the Executive Headteacher

Stage 2

Formal complaint to Chairman of the Governing Board

Stage 3

Contact the Department for Education (DfE)