Filename Size Date
Accesibility Policy 2021-2024.pdf 295.4KB 08/10/2023
Asthma Policy Final.pdf 347.5KB 05/10/2023
breakfast-and-after-school-club-policy.pdf 243.0KB 07/09/2023
calculating-policy.pdf 3.6MB 07/09/2023
complaints-policy-23-24.pdf 298.5KB 07/09/2023
Equality Policy FINAL.pdf 254.1KB 08/10/2023
late-collection-of-children-policy.pdf 144.1KB 07/09/2023
mental-health-and-well-being-policy.pdf 248.5KB 07/09/2023
parent-code-of-conduct-final.pdf 203.2KB 07/09/2023
parental-licence-to-attend-school.pdf 184.6KB 07/09/2023
unreasonable-complaints-behaviour.pdf 208.2KB 07/09/2023
Attendance Policy Final.pdf 280.6KB 08/10/2023
Reading Policy 2023.pdf 2.5MB 18/12/2023
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 23-24.pdf 985.5KB 18/12/2023
History Policy 2023-25.pdf 730.8KB 18/12/2023
Art and Design Policy 2023-25.pdf 3.3MB 18/12/2023
MUSIC POLICY 23-25.pdf 613.2KB 18/12/2023
Computing Policy.pdf 256.9KB 18/12/2023
Physical Education Policy 2023.pdf 581.9KB 18/12/2023
Admission Policy 2324.pdf 681.1KB 22/12/2023
Safer Recruitment policy 2324.pdf 203.2KB 22/12/2023
Late Collection of Children Policy 2324.pdf 143.3KB 22/12/2023
Mathematics Policy 2023.pdf 516.4KB 22/12/2023
Online Safety Policy.pdf 560.3KB 22/12/2023
SEND POLICY 2023.pdf 664.7KB 22/12/2023
Children with Health needs who cannot attend school polic... 226.1KB 22/12/2023
CHARGING & REMISSIONS POLICY 23-24.pdf 216.7KB 22/12/2023
GDPR-Data Protection Policy.pdf 332.0KB 22/12/2023
Supporting children with medical conditions.pdf 912.1KB 22/12/2023
Mobile Phone, Camera and Smart Watch Policy FINAL.pdf 316.8KB 17/03/2024
Induction & Transition Policy Final.pdf 1.2MB 08/04/2024
Writing Policy 2023.pdf 446.4KB 08/04/2024
Science Policy 2023.pdf 773.6KB 08/04/2024
History Policy 2023-25 FINAL.pdf 733.4KB 08/04/2024
Final Geography Policy 23-25.pdf 1.1MB 08/04/2024
D&T POLICY Final 2023.pdf 461.4KB 09/04/2024
Relationships and Behaviour Policy FINAL 060224.pdf 1.4MB 12/07/2024